WakeMe is your personal wake-up call reminder service, that places a call to a nominated mobile or landline telephone number, that provides peace of mind when going to sleep, knowing you’ll be called when it’s time to get-up-and-go. WakeMe reminders can be set for any time of day, and can be set for others, making it a convenient tool for ensuring you and your colleagues are reminded of an important meeting, or even as a way of prompting loved ones to take medication.

Avoid the uneasiness of relying solely on your alarm.

You’ve got an important meeting in the morning. Of course you’re going to set your alarm clock or mobile phone alarm, but you can’t seem to shake the feeling that something might go wrong; needless to say this makes for a fairly restless night.

A reliable, automated WakeMe call takes away the risk of forgetting to set alarms, or the alarm not working, or the phone not charging.

A little bit of WakeMe information:

  • WakeMe is a wake-up call service that can be directed to ring your mobile or landline phone.
  • Setting your WakeMe to call a landline is a good strategy for avoiding mobile phone concerns.
  • WakeMe calls can be set for any time of day.
  • WakeMe calls can be booked up to 6-months in advance.
  • WakeMe calls can be set to take place on a regular basis, and for a specified window of time. For example, you may set your WakeMe to call every Tuesday and Friday at 6:00am for a 7-week period. Forgetting to set an alarm is no longer a concern.
  • You can set WakeMe calls for others.
  • WakeMe calls can be facilitated by an organization for their staff members or clients; important meetings, arrangements, and deadlines can be factored into the scheduling of calls.

The international call setting feature of WakeMe allows calls to be made to anywhere in Australia; New Zealand; United Kingdom, or; the USA, at no extra charge.

If you don’t answer your WakeMe call (and it rings out), the system will try again. Every WakeMe call will make 3 attempts to call you if there is no answer*.

* WakeMe won’t make additional attempts if directed to Voicemail, as this is recognized as your call being answered – so make sure your answering service is switched off!